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Wild Women Writing Workshops

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Do you feel stifled? In a rut? Lacking in self-belief?
Want to write but don’t know where to start? Worried you don’t have anything fresh to say? Maybe you simply feel you need a boost to your creativity?

Wild Women Writing Workshops are designed to help overcome barriers holding you back by connecting you with your inner wild woman, the one you’ve suppressed to meet all the other roles life demands of you. After all, your inner woman holds the key to your creativity.

In this one day rev-up workshop Magi will use a variety of jumping off points to help you find your true voice. This workshop with a twist should lead to renewed energy, clearer goals and increased self-confidence.

Suitable whether you’re a complete beginner or a published writer.

"Would I take Magi's course again? In a heartbeat! For original, empowering fun and enthusiasm, Magi's the Wild Woman for you." Barbara B., London

Email Magi on to book or for further details. Places are limited.

A prize-winning poet, a playwright, short story writer and novelist, Magi has decades of experience in tutoring all forms of writing.

She has nurtured and mentored many published and established writers, as well as many who simply write for the sheer pleasure and satisfaction of the art.

'Magi, a huge big thank you to you for the Wild Women groups. I loved being in amongst the women, I felt energized for the rest of the week after the group. You gave us so much info and encouragement to not be afraid of our writing......and it was great fun to boot.' Donna, Glasgow

Write the way you’ve always wanted to…

"Magi's workshop was a real fire starter in my writing life. She is wildly intelligent, has amazing stories and prompts, is generous with her praise and patient with our pace. She calls us into the raw edge of experience and creates a very safe space for women to express what lies beneath the glossy exteriors. She is not afraid to express her own depths and outrage at injustice and calls that out in each of us. She is a brilliant teacher and writer, publishes regularly and encourages other women to do the same." Mairead O'Connor, West Cork Literary Festival, 2016

West Cork Wild Women Writers
The Wild Women - West Cork Literary Festival 2014

"I came to Magi's Wild Women workshop without any expectations except that I wanted to be surrounded by like minded women as I explored my writing potential. Magi is a funny, articulate and deeply compassionate teacher. She nurtured our fledgling words with great tenderness and helped us create powerful pieces that revealed something new in all of us. We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced that we could indeed write something that another individual would want to read or hear and Magi facilitated that process in a wonderfully human and gracious way. Highly recommended and I would go again in a heartbeat.”
Linda Baker, New Zealand

Wild Women Writers Glasgow - Cake was involved.

“Magi’s Wild Women Workshop was wonderfully funny, subversive and thought-provoking.” Mary D., London

"Amazing experience . Magi gives you permission to discover yourself through freedom to explore the hidden nuggets of your creativity. Without actually kicking you in the arse Magi leads you on a journey where inspiration is just bursting to be heard. Writing the Wild Woman is just that, it's like a breeze that shifts you into putting pen to paper. To me Magi is like a very patient midwife who encourages you to push through barriers and is there to embrace your words, with encouragement; there is no judgment. There is laughter, truth, and excitement to know that as a writer, you can do it. How I wish Magi was here in Ireland because I would love to attend another workshop with her." Eliza Homan, West Cork Literary Festival 2016

“Nothing could be more seductive or more liberating than the combination of raucous laughter and hard work shared with other women writers as we each discovered our
voice and our style. Magi even persuaded me to write a poem or two!” Celia, West Cork.

Note from Magi - Celia, an experienced writer in prose, said she never wrote poems. Since this workshop, she has written a lot of poems, had them published and taken part in a poetry slam.

Magi looking down laughing

Magi Gibson

“Just a line to say the workshop in Bantry was inspiring. You were brilliant. Thanks so much for all the tips. It was great fun too. I am full of good intentions.”
Yvonne, West Cork Literary Festival 2013

“This course changed my life, I'd advise every woman to do it. Magi is inspirational.” Michelle B., Glasgow

So, what happens at a Wild Women Writing Workshop?

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Every Wild Women Writing Workshop is different. Sometimes it’s a one-off, one day workshop, a kind of taster. Usually you sign up for a batch of workshops, either one a week over eight or ten weeks, or sometimes a three day or five day workshop with each session lasting up to 3 hours.

Magi creates a warm and supportive atmosphere in the group. She will choose source materials and workshop exercises to challenge you in the most positive ways possible. All extracts and poems the group discusses will be by women. As former Reader in Residence with Glasgow Women’s Library, Magi will surprise and delight with her unusual and eclectic selections.

And before you know it, you will be surprising yourself. Using a mix of your own life experience and your liberated imagination you will create new work you didn’t even know you were capable of. (Or maybe there always was a tiny voice inside you whispering that you really could do this.) The trick is to find out how to let that voice speak unfettered. You will be inspired too by the work the other women in the group produce.

Expect a mix of honest and frank discussion, fun and laughter, moving moments, and expect too to learn about the craft of writing as we work positively with each other.

Soon you’ll find you will be creating new work and sharing it confidently with other women who really want to hear what you’ve written.

"Magi's approach to the Wild Women Writing workshop was so refreshing and thought-provoking that I'm still not the better of it. She carefully led us out of our comfort zones and chucked us in to a contemplation of writing about our bodies that had many of us aghast at our own boldness. But it was such a thrill to be bold, and free. Magi opened doors and dissolved boundaries and we all had great fun playing in the clear, womanly air. Her workshops are inspirational and I defy anyone not to be braver about their writing after a few sessions with Magi." Christine Ryan, Dublin


Contact Magi if you’d like to discuss her running a workshop at a festival, or for your writing group or women’s group. She has lots of experience of working with all kinds of writing groups.